Ocean transportation

Steinter Ltd is active in all areas of ocean transportation. This includes handling container shipments for both steel and raw material cargoes that lend themselves to that method of shipment, booking liner parcels and chartering full and part vessels. We charter all sizes of vessels from coasters through handysize and supramax vessels for steel, scrap and HBI cargoes, and panamax and capesize vessels for raw material products such as coke, coal, pig iron and iron ore.

Vessels are chartered on a voyage charter and time charter (both trip and period) basis.
Using our cargo volumes, we are able to achieve competitive freights by consolidating cargoes and utilising cargo combinations, entering into requirement contracts with freight service providers and fixing contracts of affreightment. The economies of scale we achieve enable our general steel trading services to remain highly competitive.


Steinter's Logistics Services

Steinter'slogistics services aim to expedite transport of steel and raw materials from producer to purchaser cost effectively and safely. Our complete logistics service comprises safe handling, loading, shipping, breaking bulk, storage, insurance, inspection and inland distribution.

Although logistics has historically existed in Steinter as an internal fulfilment function to support our own trading activities, we are now capitalising on our expertise and establishing a stand alone business in its own right. We can offer a full range of services to other trading companies and organisations requiring transport of metals, raw materials and other bulk products world wide.


  • Inland transportation

Our logistics service includes inland transportation at both origin and destination countries, with steel or raw materials being moved by truck, rail wagon and barge. To maximise control and minimise costs, Steinter’s logistics people are located close to markets and sources of supply. Our skill is in finding the most cost-effective solution without jeopardising delivery time and in maintaining damage prevention measures during transhipment between ocean going vessels and inland transport.

By truck

Whilst Steinter does not own its own fleet of trucks, we have well established relationships with the most professional names in the business. This affords us the greatest flexibility and enables ‘just in time’ delivery.

By rail

Many of the steel mills in the CIS and Eastern European countries are located at a considerable distance from the sea port. Steinter has developed expertise in the rail transportation of steel from these countries to the ports. We employ qualified professionals to oversee the paperwork and other formalities to achieve this task effectively and efficiently. Within the USA, where many steel buyers and suppliers are located in the interior the use of rail services is an efficient way to transport material to and from ports.

By barge

In the USA barges are a recognised method for transporting steel and raw materials, in particular serving the Mid-western terminals on the Mississippi river and its tributaries. In central Europe delivery by barge is also a cost effective and practical option.

Port logistics

Established relationships with port agents, forwarders and stevedoring companies ensure proper storage and handling of cargoes while in ports. We place emphasis on proper handling of cargoes both in ports and when loading and unloading onto vessels and inland transport.

Insurance and Inspection

Whilst Steinter Ltd. strives for the cargo to be delivered without damage, the nature of the business means that goal is not always achievable. Insurance is therefore essential.

Steinter insures all cargo which is transported or stored at Steinter’s risk. In addition Steinter is able cover marine insurance on behalf of its contract partners  and is therefore able to offer customers the option of buying on a CIF or CIP basis.

Steinter has established relationships with the main inspection houses worldwide and access via our network of offices to local surveyors. We are able to recommend and appoint the right surveyor and define the correct scope of inspection. Where necessary and appropriate we undertake a full inspection of cargoes before and after shipment.

In certain markets we employ our own staff to attend loading and/or discharge of cargoes to verify the visual quality of cargo and of the handling operations.


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